Enrollments for the coming School year 2018-19 begin now. New Parents can enroll their child for Language Arts and Math. Limited spots available in all the grades from K thru 5.

Please call or email to enroll your child in ALP

First Day of Class: K & 1st Grade - Sep. 10th (Level 1&2)

                                2nd&3rd Grade - Sep. 4th (Level 3&4)

                               4th & 5th grade- Sep. 5th (Level 5)

                                5th & 6th grade- Sep. 6th ( Level 6)



Advanced Learning Program Inc.. is a learning program designed for all children, no matter what level of proficiency, between the grades K-5.

This is an instructive program for Math and Language Arts. Children will be taught the concepts in class and do follow up work. They will be doing one sheet of homework everyday to reinforce the concept they learn. Children love to learn Advanced concepts and feel confident of themselves in School that they are in the top 5.