Enrollments for the coming School year 2018-19 begin now. New Parents can enroll their child for Language Arts and Math. Limited spots available in all the grades from K thru 5.

Please call or email to enroll your child in ALP

First Day of Class: K & 1st Grade - Sep. 12th

                                2nd&3rd Grade - Sep. 6th 

                                4th grade- Sep. 7th

                                5th & 6th grade- Sep. 8th

About Us

As a learning program, Advanced Learning Program Inc., take pride in offering the best coaching to the children that they enjoy and feel proud of . ALP has been offering service to the people in and around Canton since 2009-10 School year. This program has been developed by a Montessori certified Elementary Teacher whose goal is to make the children capable of doing one to two grade levels higher of their original grade.